Fulfilling the multi-faceted role of Head of Operations for Commercial Collective is Adeel Moeen.

Adeel joined Commercial Collective in 2021 after moving to Australia from the United Arab Emirates. He brought with him more than five years of experience working in the real estate sector in Dubai in human resources, administration and operations. This knowledge of the international property market provides Adeel with an edge as he can look at things from a broader perspective.

On joining Commercial Collective, he started in the role of Property Analyst, but his talent in operations was soon recognised and he moved into his current role. As Head of Operations he provides valued support to the business, relevant teams and senior management to ensure the business runs efficiently and remains compliant with human resources and environmental health and safety policies and procedures.

Adeel has a Master of Public Administration, majoring in Human Resource Management, from Karachi University in Pakistan and is currently completing a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice to help support Commercial Collective further in its ambitions.

When asked why Adeel chose to use his skills by working in the commercial real estate sector, he explains his passion is embedded in the philosophy that Commercial Collective helps to facilitate other businesses. This in turn has deep social and economic impacts and allows him to connect with others.

It’s this connection that Commercial Collective has with its customers that he believes is the business’s key point of difference. They are always at the forefront of decisions and staff work with them in mind.

With his goal always to do better the next day, Adeel brings a positive mindset to the business as he aspires to assist Commercial Collective to be an employer of choice, to build systems and establish standards and ensure the workplace is enjoyable for himself and his colleagues.

In his spare time, Adeel likes spending time with his family, reading and the occasional computer game.